Important COVID-19 Information (current as of 1 May, 2020)


Firstly, Lanzon Music hope you and your family are well in the current climate.


LIVE online classes or face to face classes at our studios, one on one with a teacher, are now available.


We understand at times like this, everyone needs an outlet - a way to disconnect from what seems like quite dire times. Here at Lanzon Music, we have been working hard to ensure we can easily convert to safe online LIVE lessons, particularly as we approach the school holidays. These lessons are not like YouTube, instead, they are live videos with music professionals who tailor their lessons to keep you engaged and learning in the right way, and are designed to accommodate for any schedule.

Our existing students are currently taking advantage of this new forum during this period, all of which are pleasantly surprised by how effective the lesson remain outside our studios. Now is the time to keep learning, engaged and ensuring you have your outlet to express yourself while being indoors. This will ultimately lead to better physical and mental well-being and is a fun way to engage students of all ages!

If you are thinking about it, why not try a FREE lesson online to see? Please enquire here.